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The story follows Peter Dawson, a preteen boy living in New York City with big dreams to become a world-famous gamer. He decides to start his career as YouTuber and a cyber bully, teasing some of the teachers at Learn & Tell Middle School. He gets expelled from school but still decides to continue his work with his two best friends, Eric Kirk and Chloe Jennings against his strict and mean parents, Robert and Anna Dawson; and his many mentors: Dr Glavenstein, a very sophisticated 40-year old girl who has minimal patience, and loves education, and computers; Mr Lundy, who also happens to be the main antagonist, who is very athletic, mean, harsh, demanding, controlling, and a little bit violent fitness trainer; Dr Landau, who only makes one small appearance in the film still has a lasting impact on Peter being a smart, persistent person; Peter's Grandma a kind, smart, and caring women who makes a very small appearance in the film; and Alice (Peter's Life Coach), a pretty, kind, caring, and loving 45-year old; along with a few mean people who end up motivating Peter to do what he wants to do including, Sammy, a snarky girl who is very tall for her age. Peter embarks on countless adventures in the big city as he grows to rely on the love and support of his two friends and his family.

About The Characters Edit

Peter Dawson is the main protagonist in the movie, Peter. He is a lazy, arrogant, cowardly, weak, and slightly mean preteen boy who has wild dreams to become a world-famous gamer. He has no idea what he's doing and thinks he looks good all day, every day. He is a somewhat loyal friend who is pretending to be somebody who he isn't. He considers himself to be stylish, in shape, smart, and a totally awesome, flawless person. Peter is a deeply flawed boy who thinks the world owes him everything and that he's at the top of the social pyramid.

Eric Kirk is a loyal, kind, loving, caring, and truthful friend. Eric is one of the protagonists in Peter. He loves Peter for who he is and wants to help Peter grow and excel. Eric is supportive of anything Peter does and has a flawless personality. He loves great ratings, YouTube likes, computers, video games, and super sweet comments on his videos. He has the desire to become a star.

Chloe Jennings is an energetic, happy girl who always has a smile on her face. She considers herself to be a girly girl and a dance and makeup artist. Chloe sometimes wears obsessive makeup and too much pink. She is the queen of beauty and has the personality of a goddess. She is always kind and happy and has a flawless personality.

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